Does The Selection Committee Value Championship On Sunday?

Cincinnati won and lost in the same day.  Defeating Houston in the AAC championship game was definitely a win, but it seemed to be counted as a loss by the selection committee, pushing aside the Bearcats dominant victory.

The Bearcats drew a seven seed, considerably low for a team that won 28 games during the season. They, however, will play in Columbus and will face Iowa in the first round, a team that has only won one game out of their last six.

Michigan State won the Big Ten championship on Sunday, but only drew a two seed. Many experts had drawn them in as a one seed, but the committee seemed to ignore them all the more. It was a very frustrating day for champions in power conferences as those teams seemed to be given the short end of the stick.

This discussion seems to happen every year as teams grow frustrated at the selection committee for ignoring championship games on Sunday. While it’s still only one game, Cincinnati showed complete domination over a team that had only lost two games all season.

The Bearcats were ranked behind Louisville and (oh, no) Nevada, both struggling as of late. While Louisville and Nevada both have their fair share of quality wins, neither has been as consistent as Cincinnati. The Bearcats do have a bad loss at ECU, but they have shown that they can take care of their business, especially when it matters most.

As a Bearcats fan, I’m not complaining about our draw. We face a broken Iowa team that is a shadow of its former self and potentially Tennessee in the second round, a great matchup for Mick Cronin’s style of basketball. This game is in Columbus and Cincinnati fans are going to show up and support, but did the committee really take time to evaluate the Bearcats dominant win over the number eleven team in the country?

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